Plaque viewing info - JBphotobox

The galleries in this folder contain a collection of photos of most of the surviving cabin plaques from Camp Sequoyah, along with some miscellaneous camp photos. If you were a camper or counselor there, you might find one with your name on one of the plaques.

However, many, many are missing. Some of these are hard to read. They are sorted by cabin number/year, in ascending order. On a desktop computer, moving the mouse over the page of plaques reveals their cabin-year. You can use that to quickly see if a particular plaque exists. The search button at the top can find specific numbers. Click on a plaque to get a full screen image of it.

Use left and right arrow keys to move the full screen forward or backward; Use the X at the right top corner or the ESC key to go back to the montage screen.

There are many gaps, question marks, and unknowns. If you see a labeling error or can help correct these please contact me via Facebook.

IF you have photos of other plaques that are relatively high quality, or actual plaques, please contact me and we can figure the best way to include them.

Small buttons at the bottom right are used to download, resize, comment, or like a plaque. Most useful is the resize as using ORIGINAL size gives you a closer view which might help with hard to read names. The normal choice is FILL.

You can download an individual plaque to your computer to save or print. You can leave a comment about a plaque if you login via Facebook or Google. Feedback via the Facebook page is welcome.

Don't forget to check out for a wealth of information on the camp, its history and many of the campers and counselors who still love it.

Jim Bramlett      June 2015